Nayomi (cancerianqueen) wrote,

Alan's quiz!

1. List one book you think everyone should read this year. (if you mention my book for brownie points, please list a second book as well)
Dawning Point by Elizabeth Von Leven

2. What is your favorite thing about your hometown?
The off-leash dog parks? Lol.

3. Incorrectly complete these Fall Out Boy lyrics: "This ain't a scene, it's a(n) _____________" (be creative)
quiet relaxing night at home? Lol.

4. What would you title your autobiography and how many pages would it be?
"The Search For Where Dogs Go To Heaven" and it would have 104 pages.

5. What was the best Christmas gift you've received? (ages 15 and under, adult Christmas gifts don't count)
The ring I got from my dad one year.

6. What's one new thing you learned this week? (they say you learn something new every day, so you should have a few things to choose from)
I learned when my crush's birthday is, lol.

7. Open Skype/G-Chat/AIM and type "how's my favorite friend who I haven't chatted with today?" to someone you haven't chatted with at all today. This item isn't a question, just a polite demand to let someone know you were thinking of them.
Done :D

8. Tell me one really proud moment from your life. (be specific)
When I won the academic award in grade 6... I felt really smart. :P

9. Tell me one really embarrassing moment from your life. (be specific)
Well, it may not seem so bad, but once at school, in assembly, I'd been called up in front of the whole school, I dunno, to get a certificate or something, then when I came back, I was like, trying to get back to my seat and I fell on one of the "poptart's" (popular tart) lap... and it was just like, holy crap, no, that didn't just happen. :(

10. Have you owned something for way too long... something you know you should get rid of or replace, but can't? If so, what and why?
Well, I have this leaf. Sounds lame... and I guess it is, but one of my friends in highschool got it for me and rubbed it against the school books of this guy I had a HUGE crush on and then wrote his name on it... and I seriously still have that leaf. It's a bit tattered now, but still.

11. Fill in the blank: Other than this one, _____ is the last blog I commented on.

12. Do you have any scars? Tell me about one of them.
I was once down on the beach with one of my best friends and I slipped on the rocks and an oyster cut open my foot. Man, it hurt!

13. I say "this is not tom", you say:
A. Who the eff is Tom?
B. Thank god, Tom sucks!
C. Oh, I love staring at page source code all day and solving riddles!! <3
D. And this is not me, not clicking the back button and not not reading the rest of this stupid meme.


14. What do you get complimented on the most? (your looks, your creativity, your impressive collection of black santa figurines)
I'm not really sure. How well I know dog breeds? Lol.

15. Paste a link here to your favorite picture online:

~Nayomi xo
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